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December 17, 2005


I'm extrememly sad to hear that. We lost the lesson horse, Ibn, the exact same way in May. You are completely right, there is no dignified way to take care of a deceased horse. We are not able to bury our horses on our land due to law, so we only need to witness the first part of the ordeal. Although we will never forget Smokey, I'm sure we will remember her, no matter how long she was with you guys.


How nice to know she had some good time before she left ! Thank you for all you've done!

Steve and Alayne, For the past two days I have been trying to find the right words to express my thoughts about Smokey and all you did for her. I still haven't found the words, but know that you both and Smokey are in my thoughts..wishing you peace in such a sad time.

Oh my, that is too sad and too tough....very tramatic. It is a real tough profession to be a vet, I am sure it was rough on the Dr. also.
Smokey probably enjoy the greatest month of her life on your ranch, especially with the grooming...just try to be glad she had that month to restore her faith in people, and now she is home, there with the rest of our dear animals, in heaven.

My heart goes out to you both during this tragic loss of Smokey. Even though I feel her loss here in Canada, I am so glad to know that she experienced love, compassion, and kindness during her last days.

Hi Guys:

Hope today is a better day and you can move forward knowing you did EVERYTHING you could for Smokey.

Even though you can't cuddle a horse easily, she knew you were there, she knew you were trying to help her and she knew you loved her.

Heres to another box of kleenex.

Sending you both huge hugs!


Steve and Alayne,

Even though I have never met the special animals in your care, I am struck by the depth of my sorrow when one passes away. I can only imagine the intensity of your loss.

It is obvious from your blogs how much you love and cherish each one of the animals.

I am sad for Smokey and her painful death, and grateful she had the opportunity to experience your unconditional love. May she rest in peace.


oh my God. I'm so sorry Steve and Alayne. That is awful. :(

We are so very sorry that you are hurting over the lose of Smokey. Our thoughts are with you during this time. We send you conforting hugs.

Oh, how sad. I wish Smokey had been able to enjoy life on the ranch longer. What a beautiful horse. She was loved and you're right telling her she couldn't be buried in a more beautiful place.

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