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May 09, 2007


It has never been about what was on the outside, its whats inside that counts. Angels are everywhere.

Patch: It will get better for you. Love, hugs and medicine will make you a lot more comfortable. Love and blessings to all of you!!!!

How wonderful that Patch can for once have the feeling we all take for granted - a day without the misery of itching. God Bless each one at the Ranch, especially those of you who love and care for the precious ones! We hope to schedule a visit in August of this year when we go north!
A big hug to all,

Angels come to us in all forms, even crusty ears, I suspect! Imagine Patch thinks he's found some angels himself. Welcome to him and thank you for all you do so unselfishly. dbh

It's so uplifting to come to this website and see the work that is being done to help unfortunate dogs such as Patch.
I try not to think that for every lucky one there must be hundreds that aren't so lucky.
Anyway, you guys at the sanctuary should be whole heartedly congratulated for the work that you are doing. I hope that Patch's medication works well and he gets to lead a happy and healthy life!

God bless you, for what you are doing.

you guys have been a true blessing for patch......good to see him lookin and feelin better..... what a great thing ya`ll are doing for helpless animals.kathy cayton

Welcome, Patch! I'm so glad you were able to take this little cutie in, he'll have all the love and care he needs now.

Welcome little Patch!
What a buddle of fun he seems to be. I am continuously amazed at how you carefully tend to the amimals that come your way. Great job. One day (when my ship comes in) I'll be pleased as punch to help pick up the tab there for one -- or more of these fortunate friends. Keep up the good work.

Patch is a cutie & very lucky that he found the RDR through the channels! He's going to get the best of the elite TLC! What a lot of energy for such a tiny pooch. I like his spirit.
Hugs to the new member,
ginger & Tobias

What a cutie! Welcome home little one! You will be happy beyond belief!! I will pray that you are feeling better soon. I'm sure you are fitting in quite well there at RDR. Tell Alayne and Steve thanks for the great care by being a good critter and giving them lot of kisses! God Bless you and all the other critters there as well as the Humans too!

He's a cutie. Is that green grass I see in the background??? That was almost as exciting as seeing the new puppy.

Bless you.

Patch, you are a precious boy! You will enjoy life at the ranch! Glad to hear his disease is treatable and that he can live his life enjoying cookies!!!!

Welcome to the ranch Patch! What a sweet and happy little face he has! Steve and Alayne, you are wonderful for taking in all of these precious animals! Thanks for all you do!

He looks Great! :)

Welcome to RDR, Patch! You're going to be very well taken care of and very much loved. Happy, happy, happy!!!

Congratulations Patch and RDR! The change of expressions on Patch's face in the photos is WONDERFUL and I believe shows a trajectory forward with the best yet to come for you!

ps: don't let those Beagles or Doxies try to convert you :) You're incredibly special just as you are!

Patch must have been so uncomfortable, and for quite some time. He really does look much better since March; happier too, that big smile on his face while Steve is holding him says it all!

Welcome to the Ranch little Patchkins!

I knew of a case of this disease. It is not easy. My late sister's dog, Topaz, had it and lived with it only for a year. I am glad that Patch has people that will love him and take care of him.

What a beauty! Sending happiness and prayers your way little one! I hope you are feeling better soon! Welcome HOME!! I know that you will be very happy!
xoxo Shelly

I think Patch is beautiful. I happen to be on Prednisone and Imuran for my illness too. Hang in there Patch; it isn't so bad...even the blood tests!

Anxious to hear about Brynn, Turtle, Domino and Travis!

Poor little guy - how miserable he must have been feeling! How wonderful to have found the ranch, a place dedicated to finding what was wrong and treating it. He will now feel relief and love in his new home!

How is Miss Turtle? I have been thinking of her the last few days, hoping the news is better than expected.

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