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May 07, 2008


Just read about a vet (equine surgeon) in Wyoming who is helping 3 horses from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah with leg issues. Here is the link to the blog about a particular horse who will be fitted with a prosthetic leg. Maybe he could help with Laddie?

I hope Laddie's new shoe works wonders for his discomfort. We don't want that gorgeous guy to be in pain!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I wonder about a little accupuncture too.....

I hope Laddie's new shoe continues to make an improvement in how he feels; you and Elayne are very wise, in general, and running RDR has certainly helped. Trust your instinct and judgment. You're always right on target!

I have always maintained that a good farrier is worth his/her weight in gold. They don't just put shoes on horses' feet, they know the whole beast. And when they work in concert with a vet, they can work wonders. Laddie, I hope it brings you relief.

But what I've always wanted to know is how farrier's backs are put together. How can you be bent over all day long, lifting legs and still be able to stand up? Thirty-three horses is a lot of bending.

Please dear god tell me that when it is 'time' for the horses they are not put to rest in the old fashioned way?

Pardon my ignorance I'm just not a horse person by default.

Laddie is such a handsome boy - and tolerant, too, to let people mess with and take pictures of his feet. Please keep us posted on what impact the horsie orthotics have; I sure hope that Laddie has many good years left in him!

Everybody is smiling in this picture even Laddie. Thumbs up. It's definitely not time....

As someone who shares Laddie's arthritic knees (but not as many of them, :)... I'm thrilled to hear of this trial shoe adjustment. Little things can indeed mean a LOT. Wishing Laddie comfort and mobility (he's already got a ton of love and care, lucky guy).

As a girl who wears orthotics in her running shoes, I can appreciate a good, comfy shoe! Yeah for Laddie, I hope the new shoe helps to relieve some of the discomfort and I'll keep my fingers crossed for him he has much more quality life left. What a beautiful horse!

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