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June 15, 2008


My dog loves cats too. She likes to lick them. They aren't so fond of that. We're thinking of getting her a kitten, who will be raised thinking it's normal to be bathed by a golden retriever.

Love this pic!

She would fit right in!

Dachshunds are sooooo determined, aren't they? This was such a cute picture and story! I just loved it.

Must have been some good smells wafting under that door... Callie can't SEE them but she sure can SMELL them!

That is the funniest, most adorable picture! You made my day!!!

Body dysmorphic disorder in which the dachshund believes she is much, much thinner than she actually is.

too funny

I love it, especially Tibby's teasing! I want to ask though, would there be any harm in letting Callie in the cat house, if even just to satisfy her curiosity and senses? Just a thought from experience . . .

Maybe Callie needs a cat companion. That is a rather strange photo, & when I first saw it, I wondered what was going on. Maybe Callie wanted to go in & entertain the cats. Or, "Can one of the cats come out to play?"
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Oh that's the funniest photo I've ever seen! Poor Callie! Is she ever allowed in to see the cats up close? Hmmm....

Happy Father's day, Steve! :)

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