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August 23, 2005


After seeing and meeting Kodiak a couple of weeks ago when visiting, I too fell in love with him...have tears which are sad, but happy he is with you at the Rolling Dog Ranch where he is happy and possibly can enjoy the rest of summer. There will be a point where it may be best to let him rest, but until then he is in a wonderful place with people who truly love him!!! Bless you guys

I rescued a beautiful little bird called a nighthawk from being run over here at work last night. It has a injured leg. It is still alive this a.m. When I tried to examine the leg the pain is too great. So, a little cardboard box, in a cool location, predator-free, ant-free (the ants are torture in Texas) with food and water in is the best we can do. Nature will have to do the rest. It is the cycle of life, and not an easy road for any creature. It can be made a lot better with kindness and caring and company. But I do not believe in euthanasia unless there is so much pain and suffering that there is a great need for medication. Just as we treat humans, all the creatures should be treated. I am so proud of your courage, dedication to all the hard work, and proud to "know" you all at Rolling Dog Ranch(electronically anyway...)

*tears*, sad and happy
Sad for Kodiak, because surgery could of provided him a certain long, active life

Happy, because you are wonderful for letting him live out his days in a happy place and he will be able to live life smiling on the porch
I'll look forward to a picture of him grinning at the camera

Continued prayers to Kodiak. All I can say is thank you for loving these animals like you do at RDRAS. Kodiak can get lots of loving and attention on his comfy bed on the porch, he deserves it.

Please send my love to Kodiak. May he enjoy the rest of his time on his bed and finally knowing what love is.

Excellent decision, I just see the same beauty in his eyes as the others do. That wild Alaskan call-of-the-wild, if you will.
The results are tough, but at least we now know for sure. He is well worth all the is up to nature now.

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