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December 02, 2005


I have three rescue doxie's and they are thriving. I've had up to 5, but Maggie died a year ago of cancer at 15 1/2 and Liza, my sweet baby died this past summer at 16 1/2. I now have three, Hank, shut up in a cage for five months-couldn't walk, he's the Mayor of my street at 14, Willie wheels came to me in a wheel chair, badly undernouished and abused. Today he is running freely around the yard chasing squirrels. Filli, came to me recently at 15 because she was peeing all over the house. She is perfectly trained today and is enjoying her special sunshine spot. All my kids sleep in my bed at night and they are very special. I would be happy to adopt Callie and give her love and a good home. I am a guardian angel of Best Friends.

Ahh, a plump, independent German to love her, bless her heart, she sounds a lot like me!
I hope Widget and her get to be great pals.

What a sweetie !

Callie, you are an absolutely precious pooch! You will be adored forever!!!

Welcome to the ranch Callie! You'll have a great time with all your new friends.

lol..she is plump and completely adorable. :)

Yay, Callie! You have a fabulous new home where you'll be warm and cozy and loved. And I understand about Doxie growls, having grown up with a mini doxie. They do get the message across! Makes up for the size issue, huh? ;-)

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