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June 30, 2006


Double good news; I'm so happy Wobbles and Sammy are back home!
It's been a long, patient wait for Sammy and a scary situation with Wobbles. You all look happy, healthy and at home. :-)

Great news to hear that Wobbles and Sammy are finally home....hopefully to stay home! Keep well, furry critters!!!

Oh what good news!
I am so glad to read this update. Best wishes to all at rdr.

Those are great photos and you can so easily see the love you two have for the animals you're holding. I'm so glad Wobbles and Sammy and home again.


Really glad to see Wobbles and especially Sammy are back in the fold. Sammy must be so relieved to be home again...enough of hospitals for him eh?

I'm so glad that Sammy finally got his meds regulated & got to come home. I can only imagine how excited he was! It's great that you noticed that Wobbles was sick & got her right into the vet, & now she's already back home as well.
Fantastic work, as always! You are doing wonderful work.
Hugs & appluase,
ginger & Tobias

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