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January 16, 2007


Spirit, you look to be so loved in the arms of your new family....and by the sounds of the blog about your first day in FLA, You seem to of found Paridise twice here on eatrh!! The first, living with everyone at RDR and getting all the care you needed, the second time, in your new home in Fla. Enjoy your life, little one.... and know that you have not only inspired alot of God's 4-legged creatures, but quite a few of us 2- legged ones too.....

What a wonderful new beginning for Spirit! Hope Nicci will continue to update you ('us' as well)!

Special, special people. Spirit is one lucky little girl! She has touched my heart. I really hope you give updates occasionally.

I'm on cloud 9 for Spirit! And am so glad Nicci wrote in to share with us how Spirit's first day in Tampa was.
She's a real barbie dog!
Dressed in pink; her own convertible with the sun shining down on her. She deserves all the best and will surely continue to have it.

Hurray for this "happily ever after" story for Spirit and her new parents!!! I am so happy that she has landed in such a wonderful home, especially after having had such a hard time early in her life. And congratulations to RDR for providing the "bridge" from the horrific situation into the heavenly one!!!

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