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March 11, 2007


Way to go Bailey! You got that caterpillar! Such a warrior!
Big hugs,
ginger & Tobias

Bailey and the caterpillar!! He's such a cute dog.

I'm not sure what makes me laugh more...the pictures or the story. Have you ever thought of writing a book?

We had a pet rat who had that same problem. The vet told us when she held her head a certain way, it caused her nerve impulses to go nuts and her back legs would literally spin in circles. If she held her head like Bailey's on the toy, sort of tucked under instead of straight out (as rats usually do), she was fine and could move sort of normally.
It's so amazing that the critters find ways to make their lives so full even when they have what seem to be insurmountable problems. I watched the coolest video the other day of a dog in Indiana who only had 2 legs. They were both on her (I think she was female) right side as she had been injured by a car and the two left legs had to be amputated. I was speechless to see how well she got along and how much she played with her canine and human friends. A true inspiration.

How funny ! Thanks for making me laugh this morning, I needed this.

What a riot!!
The caterpillar must be enjoying itself too; it just can't wipe that smile off it's face.
I'm amazed Bailey can tackle such large prey!
Ceasar Millan from the wonderful TV show The Dog Whisperer, talks about little dogs being little only in body size as well. It's quite interesting.

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