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July 12, 2007


I have a minion. She is a tiny red min pin. I got her when she was 3 months old. Her name is Misty but I have nick names...Misty Mouse...Bitsy Baby...Angel. I worship and adore this dog as she does me. She sleeps next to me every night. She lays on me when I am watching TV or on the computer. She is 4 now. I have never loved an animal as I do her. When I have to go to the hospital a small framed picture goes with me. I need her as much as she needs me.

Good Morning Hope all is well with everyone I, too (Judy ) have a minion,a black and tan, long haired mini Doxie-- Beanie, who adores the floor i walk on,even if he is right underfoot!!!!! These stories make a person SMILE Have you ever thought of compiling them into a book or books ? You could be the next James Herriott!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for being there and sharing Bye Judy and Joe

I enjoyed reading about Alayne's minion!!! This was a hiliarious blog! Oscar sounds like quite the charming character!!!

Tears....tears...tears...and laughter at this post!!
I can relate to this entirely; I have a feline minion; however, Oscar really should get the ultimate minion award!

This is great !!!!

Love your writing style. Take your minions when and where you can.

This put a huge smile on my face---great story! (I really needed a smile today too!)

I bet Oscar would fit under the plane seat and would never make a peep on the ride to Kansas :)

This is one of the best blogs I've read...I love binary dogs (in this case, Alayne/NotAlayne). Having been owned by a few of these in my day, I find them to be the most fascinating, stubborn, loving, demanding, and perfect dogs ever :)

Thanks for a great read...I love this blog and I love what you guys do!

Sue and the 7 rescued yahoos

Oscar's story is so cute; it fits in my Family too because I travel to Florida every month to visit my Dad and my Husband has the exclusive care of our two Dachshunds! What actors, my little Girls are!

ooohhhh, poor lil' sad thing! He's got the mopes. Sometimes no one can help but Mom. But Steve, surely you have minions of your own? After all, it took awhile for Daisy to even notice poor Bailey, she was so attached to you!

Hang in there, Oscar, Mom will come home soon - and be nice to Dad!

Love all the big words and the word imagery. I can really FEEL his pain, and yours! But watch out if he figures this out--bigger dogs can reach the door handles and learn how to open doors. Seen it on Funniest Home Videos. If Oscar starts palling around with someone taller, with nice-sized paws, and they head for the door, put up the video. They might just be trying to learn a new trick!! (something about an old dog learning new tricks, seems I've heard). Good luck to you both till Alayne gets back--chill.

It's good to see a story about little Oscar. He looks and acts like my Toby who worships me :) Maybe male dachshunds are just Momma's Boys.

Ha! This one really had me laughing, Steve. What a sassy thing that little Oscar is! I just love him.

That is hilarious! Dave Barry's got nothing on you today! I can totally relate because my dog is the same way with me, and when I have to go away for any space of time, he totally ignores my boyfriend as if he doesn't even exist (except when he's being fed or let out of course). When I come back, it's like the ending of Call of the Wild all over again. Too bad Oscar's deaf - the one thing that keeps my poor Boo hanging on is the sound of my voice on the phone telling him to wait and I'll be home soon, and then apparently he somehow can find the fortitude to hang on til I get back. Sigh. Have a great weekend and I hope Alayne has a wonderful visit with her folks!

Oscar's behaviour sounds VERY familiar!:-) My little Daphne acts exactly the same way when I'm not around...
I wish Alayne a very pleasant visit with her parents (who must be delighted to have her stay with them for a week).

I have a minion too and when I am gone to see husband's stories is very, very similar to yours. Our dog doesn't eat much if at all the first couple of days because he is sooo depressed that I'm gone, but most of all that pathetic look according to my husband is really somethin'!!!

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