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August 06, 2007


Steve, thanks so much for sharing Dolly's story. What a beautiful girl she is! She is soooo blessed to have been adopted by you. I am glad that she was returned to the shelter for she got a second chance to go your forever home to be loved.

What a heartwarming story. I am so happy that Dolly has found a loving family and a good home. How I wished there are always good endings to such sad stories such as Dolly's.

God Bless you both and your wonderful animals.


Ditto on Melissa comments!!!

My Mom took in a Blonde Lab named Chelsie, that was abused and it was heart breaking. Chelsie,also went through Hurricane Andrew, so that did not help. She lived the rest of her life with My Mom and finally came out of her shell as well! Thank God, they dropped Dolly back off and she was saved. She is one of the Lucky ones....

Four years ago a feral cat made friends with our cat, Buttercup, and the two of them would hang out on the patio. That was fine with our dogs; they were all friends. We put out food for the feral, and a warm cat house, but it would have nothing to do with the house or us. I couldn’t get within ten feet of it. When we went on vacation, the feral moved in through the doggy door, and we named him K-Kat. He was now living inside, coming and going as he pleased, but would still stay well clear of us.

Every night at 8 pm Buttercup would announce with a loud MEOW that it was time for her snuggle. This was the only time we were allowed to hold her. She would get up on the bed, snuggle up on my lap, and we were friends for 15 minutes. K-Kat would sit in the hallway and watch. One night he came into the bedroom, got up on the bed behind me, reached out his paw as far as he could, and touched my hand. I about cried.

He is still generally leery of contact, but we now have certain times during the day when he asks for a belly rub, and obviously enjoys it.

I love Dolly! What a beautiful dog and your story brought tears to my eyes. What she must have been was meant to be that you adopted her. You & Alayne have such huge hearts. Does Dolly always sit with her front legs so far apart? What an adorable picture. Thanks for sharing her story.

Wow, Dolly's smileis priceless. I suspect that your experience with Dolly helped reinforce how truly "gifted" you and Alayne are and was a building block in the path to the Rolling Dog Ranch! What a great debt we ALL owe Dolly. Beyond the gift of her treasured companionship every day, she helped point you to your true calling. As we tell our Annie & Katie every day, there is no greater gift than their love and earned trust.

It's hard to find the words for all the emotions Dolly's story calls up. Animals are at the mercy not only of their genes, like all of us, but of cruelty undeserved and beyond endurance. I'll just say that, even if you two had never started Rolling Dog Ranch, you'd be special people in my book for having given a second chance to a wonderful girl like Dolly.

Good Morning, Steve & Alayne and fellow bloggers!

I just had to comment on the similarity between Dolly and my dog,Sandy. Sandy was the most frightened dog I had ever met when she came to live with me. I liked to call her my "Butte Survivor", not because it's hard to survive living in Butte but because like the people of Butte who are survivors--even through the worst of times--so was Sandy!

Sandy's story goes that she had a litter of pups under a lady's porch and she and her babies were taken to the local animal shelter. The puppies were put to sleep and that just when Sandy's time was up, a lady from Boulder adopted her. This lady then put an add in the Helena Independent Record which I answered and as they say, "the rest is history".

Sandy (or "Ishboo" as my son calls her to distinguish her dark side from her friendly side) is a mixed terrier breed. (Very mixed!) She is now about 13, having lived with us about 9 years. Her behavior sounds a lot like that of Dolly, although she lets visitors pet her, after first barking at them.

For some reason, I seem to adopt animals that have been traumatized. It's amazing how a calm, accepting environment turns them around!



Well Hello Dolly! She really had a rough start, it just breaks my heart when I hear people treat dogs like that. Thank God you saved her and taught her she could be safe and happy - she's a real lucky dog!

Thanks for sharing Dolly's story; a very painful beginning but those pained days are long gone. She's a beautiful dog!

You know, the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, would have suggested a walk with Alayne's parents as an ice breaker as well. You were ahead of the pack even then! :-)

Thanks so much for Dolly's story. It's truly amazing how animals can, after a traumatizing experience, still come to trust again, if only selectively, but trust it is. Give her kiss from me.

I check your blog everyday. Thanks for sharing all your neat stories. You continue to touch my heart and make me smile(often I shed a tear too!). What a lucky girl Dolly is as are all the animals on your ranch!!!

Thank you for taking home an "unadoptable dog" and giving her a chance at a normanl life! I am so glad she found you and a loving home (at last!)

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