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August 14, 2007


Love the blankie...all those little doggies frolicking while Oscar snoozes!

I LOVE this photo of Oscar! How tiny he sweet :)

It never fails to tickle me how dogs just love to snooze.

Hi Guys Hope all is well at RDR What a delightful picture of OSCAR.He seems to know when and where to RELAX When I come back in my next life ---I want to be a RDR lucky Daschund!!!!!!! Take care

Oscar is one smart my mom's old girl, Daisy. She, too, would hop in the car whenever a door happened to be open. She was always ready to go! Oscar is also ready to go whenever and wherever!!!


What a sweetie! My babies are the same way, except instead of a truck, my cat Cleo is a sucker for any basket of clothes! :-)

Truck dog! Somehow, those Doxies just KNOW how to find comfort. Again, with Oscar's inspiration, I'm thinking a nap sounds great now!

That is sweet! Well, at least y'all know where to find Oscar if you need him!
My cat, also my minion, jumps into my truck for a snooze whenever she finds it open so I can completely understand Oscar's attaction.

He is so happy and content. He know's he is safe,blessed and can take a quiet nap.....


That does look comfortable! Makes me want to climb back there too :) My doxies Acey, Deucey, and Evey send lots of lovin to the RDR doxies!

A good minion is a rested minion.

I'm glad to see another post about good old Oscar. He and my Toby could be a couple of deaf, black and tan dachshund twins.

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