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August 13, 2007


Animal lovers!
There's a dog here in Springdale Wa., he showed up on an acquaintance home, he is elderly but fat, friendly but has what they say is a crushed skull, they think he has been that way for a long time. They aren't really dog people and have two little grand-kids and are worried although he's friendly that he might accidently hurt them. I have five dogs and can't take him, I need a rescue or individual to help him. I'm running an ad in the local paper to see if an owner shows up for him, I'm not describing him in the ad, if he abandoned then we need some help.

To me, Teeny's movement looks like she's trying to be a kangaroo -- so I'd name her "Kanga." As for Spazzy - why not call him "Scooter." They are adorable, and I'm glad they will have good lives with you guys.

How about the names of oscar and emmy?

My daughter and I they are so adorable and deserve names with character.

Our favorites are:
Calvin and Opal
Elliot and Olive

A fan of your site, I am also the home to a variety of stray and abandoned dogs and cats, one cat of which has been determined to be a "special needs" kitty, and his name is Aslan, or Assy for short-his problems are more mental than physical, and it has taken alot of work to get him where he is these days. Anyways, back to the kittens. After doing some research, I have come to the conclusion that Achilles-which I have seen has already been suggested-should be the name for the male and Hero, the name for the female. I have a tendency to reflect upon the animals entirety, including perosonality, background, etc, when coming up with names. And so there u have my suggestions! And ty for providing such a great place for disabled animals! There needs to be more like u!

I like Ernest and Emily. Very poetic :) George and Gracie are also cute names (btw, the little one on the right looks like my kitty, Sweetpea).

Oh my, two more little beauties for the RDR! How about Moppet and Mittens (as in the Tale of Tom Kitten by Beatrix Potter).

They are adorable! They look happy and comfortable. As for name about naming one of them "Honey" and the other one "Buns"?? :)

Okay....My vote for names are Lilac and Poppy. Two little sweethearts with lots of appeal.

How about Sampson and Delilah??? Congradulations on your newest additions. They are ADORABLE! God Bless you both!!

Any chance they would benefit from little wheel carts for their back ends?

What a pair of cuties these two kitties are!!!
My suggestions for names are: Cricket and Jiminie (I am a Disney fan!)

I have no imagination for naming pets (or even my human children) so after reading everyone's posts, I would have to vote for Heidi's Hansel & Gretel. Original yet easy.

I think Legs and Lily are a cute name :)
best of luck through the rest of the summer!

Mirth and Mayhem. They look like troublemakers.

They are adorable! And sure to have a wonderful life ahead of them at RDR! My 2 name picks are Mickey & Minnie or Pooh Bear & Tigger....can you tell I love Disney?? :)

Karmen & the zoo

It doesn't matter which one is which but i think!

Snuggles and Cuddles

Sound good ;)

Love those cute little kittens! I like the names Lucy and Ricky, but I also like George and Gracie, as suggested in another comment. They look like they bring a lot of joy to the ranch. Give them a scratch under the chin from me.

Shelli Smith
Bob and Stew (my two 14 yr old "kittens")

Welcome to your new home sweet kitties!They are so adorable with working back legs or not.I can't imagine anyone wanting to put these 2 life filled lovers to sleep.They have so much to give and I know they make a great addition to the RDR family! I suggest Scooter for Spazzy since he scoots around and either Maggie,Mabel or Bunny for Teeny since she hops around.I really like the name SCOOTER for Spazzy,not sure on Teenys' name. Love & Peace, Elaine,Jake & Brave

They are such cute "little rascals" that Spanky and Darla just seem to fit! What is the
prognosis for these sweet little
guys? I'm curious as to how they
will adapt to this challenge.

Aw, they are cuties. I bet they will be cuddlers.

Since one's an adventurer and one's a dreamer, how about Indiana & Jones? They're adorable!

I don't know...I kinda like the name "Spazzy," but the name "Teeny" has got to go. How about Bonnie & Clyde--they both look like they could be trouble! :-) Lucy & Desi might be good, too, as I'm sure they will provide hours of entertainment!

I second the motion for "Anna" and "Purrna" !

They are so cute!

Hi Steve and Alayne!

My suggestions are Hopalong and Cassidy (Hopalong Cassidy was the name of an old cowboy character and show on TV back in the dark ages). Well, now I'm really showing my age!

Take care,
Pamala at Dogs' Little Acre in Shadow Hills, SoCal

I am visiting on Saturday and cannot WAIT to meet the new arrivals!
I would suggest Bonnie & Clyde since they look like they could be a handful!

I vote Spazzy gets named Achilles because he was the brave, handsome hero of the Trojan War - invulnerable except for his heel. And Teeny could be named after Helen of Troy. Because Helen was the most beautiful of all the goddesses. (And Teeny is one cute kitten.)

Kittens just gotta have fun (who cares if there are a couple of parts missing). They're just beautiful! Because of their color, another vote for Pewter and Sterling. Also like Tibby and Fibby. Or Lola & Milo, just 'cuz it sounds cute. May they have many, many years of chasing feathers or whatever.

Spunky, frisky, and most of all determined...I would name them Razzle and Dazzle!

I see these two charmers as a comic duo and the names "George" and "Gracie" come to mind. We can learn a lesson from these two kitties who are enjoying life without lamenting over how they may have missed out!

A couple more name ideas for the kittens. Teeny gets "Bugs Bunny" because he bunny hops and Spazzy gets "Rugs Runner" (instead of Road Runner) since he's a blur in the rug. So you've got Bugs & Rugs for short. Excellent work you guys do!

The kittens are indeed adorable. For names, possibly Tibby and Fibby...(for tibia and fibula). Just a way to try and give back what they don't have, at least in name & spirit!

Absolutely precious kitties! Thank you Rolling Dog Ranch for accepting these two wonderful cats into your sanctuary.
As for name suggestion is:

Bumble and Bee


Okay, it's a stretch, but how about R2D2 and C3PO? They don't move as well as the others but they can still save the universe.

I suggest naming the little cuties "Anna" and "Purna" after the Annapurna Mountain Range.

Its beautiful like they are and long ago, my family had two grey tabbies named the same - they adored each other. :-) sweet!
My name idea, how about Rubber Bumper for Spazzy and
Merrileewee Rollalong?
Such purr-fect little babies in my eyes.
Thanks for all your love and caring for all these babies.

My first thought for Spazzy was to name him Rubber Bumper. For Teeny, Merrileewee Rollalong.
Such sweet babies. Thanks for your love and caring.

I posted on the wrong about Silverado for Spazzy as he looks strong like a horse and Missy for the little lady Teeny.

I love this! What a happy ending for these two precious felines. As for names, I like Linus and Schroeder, (I'm a Peanuts fan)or maybe Peanutz and Popcorn. That just came to me cuz I was thinking about Peanuts, lol. Bless you both for taking in these worthy but often unwanted animals.

What cute kittens! They are just precious! You've already gotten some great name suggestions, but I'd like to add some more. Moxie for Spazzy & Venus for Teeny. This next one came to mind, so I'm just going to go ahead & blurt it out, Leo for Spazzy & Cleo for Teeny. Thanks for taking these sweeties in.
Hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

They look like "Charlie" and "Sandy" to me.

Yay, more kitties at the Ranch! The first thing that came to mind for me was Hansel & Gretel. They found their way to a loving home after an uncertain future in the cold cruel world!

What cuties! The way they walk reminds me of how the doxies with the bad backs walk. All that sashaying!

Dear Teeny and Spazzy:
The ways of the world are amazing, aren't they? You two have found the safest and most loving place to live. You will be well cared for, have good food and warm beds, and plenty of animal and human companionship. Bless your sweet little souls. And I think Steve and Alayne just may have their hands full with you two! Who needs hind legs anyway?!!? Welcome to RDR!

More baby energy at the ranch...I love them!
I can tell they're all about finding the joy and fun in life, purring all the while. What a stroke of luck for them to have found their way to you.
Welcome home little ones!

These sets of names came to me when I saw them:
Marco and Cleo
Pewter and Sterling
Huck (for the adventurer) and Skye (for the dreamer)

Spazzy looks like he is wearing goggles, so I would name him Goggles.

Ernest (Hemingway, the adventurer)
Emily (Dickinson, the dreamer)

I'd suggest Luna (Lovegood from harry potter) for Teeny, but you already have a current and a former Luna.

How about Dream(er) and Laser?

Here's some names:
Teeny: Kapka
which means teenieweenie bit in Polish
Spazzy: Chetny
which means willing in Polish

These two babies remind me of cats in photos from my fathers childhood. He's 100% Polish by the way!
God bless!!

What adorable babies...what great fortune for them to have you guys! My names for them would be Spencer and Kate....a famous couple with strength and courage! If I didn't have six cats already, I'd take these two in a heartbeat!

Since they came from Idaho, why not potato names? He can be Spud and she can be Tater Tot or TT for short. Just an idea.
Keep up your excellent work, Steve and Alayne.

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