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September 16, 2007



I love Blanca! She is sooo cute! I sure would like to meet her some day. Please tell Blanca she has an "admirer" all the way from Florida...

It's great that Blanca can be so comfortable as to perch in your chair so quickly after you vacate it; you know, she's probably doing it all for you...just trying to keep it warm and retain a body shape. Yeah...that's it! :-)

She looks so cute! We love to see her pictures! I`m happy to see that she has acquainted to her new home pretty well!

It looks like she grew from the time you took the photo of her looking up to the time you took the other one! I love these pics! She obviously loves to cuddle & the fact that your scent is there is a big plus for her. (I think she's sort of fond of you.) Too cute!
Sending big hugs to all,
ginger & the critters

Something awfully cute about a gangly, horsey looking dog trying to fit into a small space. Do you wonder how she knew you had left your chair? She couldn't see you get up and walk away. She couldn't hear you get up and walk away. Did she smell your scent as you walked away but your scent would still be on the chair. I find that remarkable that she could know the chair was vacant!!!

This put a smile in my heart and on my face!

hahaha! Blanca ur so cute! and those ears! well Steve, looks like you have to be careful everytime u leave ur chair coz theres a chair thief roaming around. hugs to all of u in RDR! hope everyone is ok
Gile x

Looks like Widget has competition for the cutest chair stories!

She is really something! Hard to believe that she couldn't hear you leaving the room. Glad to see such comfort. Hugs to Blanca!

Funny lady! Wondering how she would know your chair is available I guess she feels your whereabouts via the floor?
And I think YOU can feel it when she plunks down too :-)

Looks like you'll have to start a strange sleeping positions log for Great Danes--this is No. 1! It took a while to figure where all the parts were! The second photo helped.


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