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November 06, 2007


Amazing! A curtsy to Brynn from Oregon.

Good thinking! What a smart gal! It never ceases to amaze me how smart our animal friends are. We have started our winter feeding of the squirrels and birds again (we wean them off in summer so they don't get too dependant) and this year we have a squirrel with a spinal problem. When he runs his back end flips over and his legs end up facing up! But, he NEVER fails to get his fair share just by his pure determination! You've just got to love our furry friends!

Animals like those at Rolling Dog have so much to offer us, most of all through inspiration. I don't know about other readers of this blog, but whenever I feel the slightest bit if whininess or self pity creeping into my attitude, I think about Brynn, or Ellie May, or Popeye ... or any of the others. Their willingness to cope, forgive, move on, and savor life sets my head back straight on its shoulders. "Thank you" to ever single resident of Rolling Dog.

As darling and creative as Brynn's curtsy grazing method is....I was thinking the same things about her joints. But of course, receiving the best care in the whole US, this cyber Mom doesn't have to worry about this little filly.

Brynn does look like a graceful ballerina, doesn't she? And she's a very smart girl, too!:-)

Yeah Brynn!! You are one smart girl besides being beautiful!!!

I think you should have a raise bed, maybe a horseshoe shape, that Brynn can walk into & graze without having to stoop to get to. (Yeah, I know, me & my big ideas!) Is it doable? Would she use it? Even just one section raised to see if she would use it maybe benificial for her...just me & my crazy way of thinking!
Hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

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