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February 13, 2008


What a patient boy Bo is and how good you are to go so far to find out what's causing him problems. Hope they find the issues soon and get them solved. Good thoughts to Bo and you all - thanks for what you do and being an inspiration for all (not just the AARP crowd)!

I know how poor Bo feels! I had "episodes" of dizziness and loss of balance (and yep, my eyes twitched as well)! The fun cause of all of it was "ear floaters". I had a habit of shaking my head a lot when drying my hair. It appears that when doing that, it would cause little bits of calcium in my inner ear to break off and "float" around in the fluid causing the loss of balance, etc. Once figured out, I stopped shaking my head! It took a week or two, but eventually it stopped! I don't know if this happens to horses or not, but who knows?!?!

Hadn't checked the blog in a while, but today I was thrilled to read that AARP is doing a story on the ranch. Congratulations! Also, I was moved to tears by the entry on Dillon -- very bittersweet. Thanks so much for doing the hard work that you do.

Unfortunately, I used to know how Bo feels! I used to get "episodes" of dizziness and get unbalanced like he is. My cause was "floaters" in my ear fluid! I had a habit of flipping my head a lot (when drying my hair). Come to find out, little pieces of calcuim would break off in my ear fluid, float around and get me off balance. After I stopped flipping my head around, it stopped! Life's been good since! Not sure if that happens in horses?!?! Good luck to you BO!!

I really hope that the treatment that Bo gets while in the hospital, cures his problem & there's nothing else wrong. Poor guy. I'm so glad he hasn't fallen! Thanks for taking such excellent care of him. Now about the age thing, age is mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter! It's just a number! I'm going to be 52 next month, so let's not go there!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Steve & Alayne, I want the AARP magazine folks to know that not only do y'all rescue animals from a bad or inhumane situation, but you also go the whole distance in providing the best care for them; we all feel like we're part of your extended family and we laugh and cry with each new addition, and we grieve for the lost ones too. Thank you for letting us be a part of your family.
In my morning paper today (TheState, ColumbiaSC) there appeared a story about three men being arrested for dog fighting and dog cruelty and my heart aches so much for what those poor dogs had to go through, and the ones who couldn't hang on any longer). God Bless, Love, MaryJane

Very perplexing for everyone!
We hope the reason for Bo's instability can be found.
Thanks for all your hard work Dr. Taylor. Keep us posted on how Bo is doing.

God Bless Bo. Hope you get to the problem. he looks just like a painting in the art gallery I work in.It looks just like Bo running through a creek,splashing the water around him. Good luck Bo with a diagnosis!

Fascinating to see veterinary care for horses and our hope is that Bo has nothing seriously wrong.

Yes, “50” sounds weird but it’s only a number!!! Welcome to the club(well almost.) I had the best birthday turning the big “50”---I spent the day volunteering at the RDR---it will always be an unforgettable and memorable birthday!! I plan on coming back for my 51st.

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