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March 20, 2008


I live in M'sia and very happy to know that there are good Samaritans out there that cares. You guys are unsung heroes for sure. Because of you, the rescued animals have a 2nd chance of a good life :) . Bravo! Have a good life beautiful Mitch...

Thank you for doing what you do. And thanks for saving Mitch. I am from the same town in Indiana that Mitch came from, & have met Sharon & Max and the others involved in Mercy Rescue & Adoption. These are some of the greatest unsung heroes I have had the pleasure to know. Thank you all!

He is so beautiful. And he will be so happy with the snow and cold up there! I am so glad he found his way to you.


Sending husky hugs to Mitch! He just won the puppy lottery! Fresh air, open spaces, love and loyalty, not to mention all his new furkin and his very special guardians! Looking forward to seeing him thrive in his new home.

Huskies are indeed sweet. We adopted a Siberian Husky who had been tied up for two years and I was always surprise how it did not ruin his wonderful spirit. Huskies love children and are wonderful dogs. I’m so glad there was room at RDR for Mitch! Can’t wait to meet him!! Of course, after losing our 13 year old Siberian last July we have a soft spot in our heart for this breed.

What a wonderful handsome HAPPY boy mitch seems in that picture - i am in love with him and wish i could take another dog (but i can't...)!! I am so glad he has found a place at Rolling Dog Ranch where he will be loved and well cared for. Please post about him often!

Congratulations on your new home Mitch - and welcome to the ranch. I think you're gonna like it here. :- )

There are TWO smiles in the picture, what a happy face Mitch has :-). Welcome, big boy!

Congrats on your arrival to heaven on earth, Mitch! The fantabulous RDR! You're just going to love it there! I think you've probably already figured out that the place is just the greatest! We're just so happy that Sharon took care of you in Indiana & had your best interest at heart. We're sending you big welcome hugs.
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Welcome, Mitch - - you sound like my kind of guy!

What a love. Hard to believe nobody wanted him, but maybe he was fated to end up here.

Yay for Mitch! I'm glad he's getting another chance, especially on the ranch. :)

Welcome to Montana, Mitch! What a lucky, lucky boy you are you will never have to wonder again where you are or why your people left you. Thank you Alayne & Steve.

Well Well Who is this handsome creature? Wonder what caused his other people to abandon him? Does he show signs of being mistreated? Could be the people just could not afford to keep him any longer! Any guesstiamate as to how old he is? Being stranded like that could be the BEST thing to have happened-----he is now at RDR!!!!! Welcome Mitch . May you have many days having fun, playing in the snow(Lord, knows there is plenty to go around)and getting to know all your new friends at RDR. You are a very lucky dog. Take care

what a beautiful boy! Rest my're safe now.

He is going to be a busy boy with all his new "siblings" to discover. He is quite handsome indeed! Thank heavens for RDR.

What a beautiful boy! Welcome home Mitch.

He's a handsome boy indeed! And very lucky to find his way to RDR.

So... you guys still take big dogs, eh?!? With the batch of small dogs lately I was beginning to wonder!

Welcome Mr. Mitch!

What a great Easter gift for both you and Mitch...each other.

Welcome to you new life.

I am so happy that Mitch will now get the care, attention, and love he deserves. And you will have another bundle of love to look after. Blessings and thanks to you.

what a handsome boy! he looks sweet too! welcome to the RDR family Mitch! im sure you'll love it! thanks Steve & Alayne for givin him a new lease on life! hugs to everyone at RDR! xxxxx

Mitch sounds so sweet! He has come to the right place! I'm sure he will have a wonderful time at the ranch, exploring and hanging out with the others. :)

What a great story!!
I'm so happy Mitch will be living at the ranch and enjoying everyone and everything; and with his sweet personality, I'm sure you and the animals will enjoy him too.
Thank you Sharon and Max for putting this idea into motion and a huge thank you to Steve and Alayne for making the final decision to give this darling boy a loving and safe home.
Can't wait to see more of Mitch in the future!

What a beautiful dog! I'm so glad that he gets a new lease on life with you guys at RDR. Thanks for taking in another of God's wonderful creatures when no one else will!

What a handsome boy! Bet he's going to break some hearts on the Ranch. Well done Steve and Alayne...again. We love ya!

What a handsome boy! Welcome to the ranch, are at the greatest place to be!

Hooray for Mitch! What a beautiful animal! I am thrilled that you could accept him and give him a chance to love and be loved.

Welcome to the Ranch Mitch. :)

How could any dog person not have wanted such a lovely looking boy?

He is pretty and does look very sweet and happy. I'm glad he's getting another chance and hope he'll have a good and happy life. :-)

Well, it seems that another total sweetheart has arrived at the RDR... Three cheers for Mitch!!!

Being a husky, there's no doubt he's going to love the snowy Montana winters...:-)

Please give him a HUGE hug for me, will you? Tell him he's already got a fan here in Italy.:-)

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