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March 25, 2008


She is too cute!!!! I applaude you both for doing such an amazing thing for all of these wonderful animals. I wish I could do such a task. I thank you both for giving these animals a second chance at life!!!! Hugs and kisses to you all!!!!!!!!!!
God Bless!!

I have been receiving your newsletter for a while now and I enjoy it tremendously. What can you say to two people who have such devotion to animals, thank you does not seem enough! You are doing what I would love to do with my life but have never done and feel ashamed for not trying to help these animals. I just want to say from my heart that I applaude you and give you a standing ovation for taking care of these sweet creatures that will surely meet you in Heaven one day and all say "Thank You".

We miss you in Cali D-But you are doing so good and you are so happy. Thank you Steve and Alayna. You are a godsend. Bless you all...

oh my she cute or what! I LOVE the older dogs cuz mine are or were 18 and 19 years old! She is absolutely my fave that you have!! Hope she sticks around for a long time.

What a cutie! Bring on the bread!! White or Whole Grain?!! She soooo deserves being with you at the ranch....glad you had a spot for her!

Granny Duchess is so adorable, I just want to pick her up and snuggle her - and feed her bread of course! I am so glad she gets to live out her remaining time in such a happy and loving place. All animals deserve no less.

Oh, and Mr Caterpillar RULES! :-)

Granny or Duchess, either one fits. She's old (Granny) but a still classy lady(Duchess). You are absolutely precious. You'll get all the bread you want for the rest of your life you lucky lady. Welcome to RDR.

Awee she is soooo adorable! My family just recently put down our beloved 11 year old blind pug. She had been born almost completly bind and now in her andvanced age she couldn't even get up and had no joy in life. Now she can be happy in doggy heaven. Good luck on your new life Granny!

Now, I'm a "big dog" person in general...but OMG, is she a cutie pie!!!

I just LUV that face! A dear, dear girl. Too bad they can't talk- there must be a wonderful bread ritual in her past. But more importantly, a wonderful future.

Aww. She's so adorable! My cat Grizzley loves bread just like Granny! :D

What a face! She really has a spark in her eyes. Thank you so much for giving her such a loving environment. Hopefully that garage is now but a distant and fading memory.

Even Mr. Caterpillar (or what is left of him) appears to have sparkly eyes.

You know this story is at the same time both gently charming and heart-touchingly sad. What kind of life has Granny led that to her a piece of bread is a big treat? Did no one ever give this girl milk bones, jerky, pigs ears, anything fun to chew on, some kind of real doggy treat? That just makes me want to buy every treat imaginable and offer them to make up for what I think she's missed out on. Good thing I'm not there, Granny would get her own loaf of bread which, of course, I know is wrong but you know what I mean. Love on Granny for me okay?

Granny Duchess ROCKS!

What a darling little dog. I wish I could pick her up and give her a piece of bread myself.

Granny is so adorable! To think she was being left in a garage without anyone to be with for so long breaks my heart. I am so glad that you took her in to live the rest of her life feeling loved and cared for. She will never feel lonely again!

This story is so cute!

It's fabulous how Granny has adjusted to a completely different life; it's a great lesson for all of us.

Glad you're enjoying the simple carbs of life, Granny!

She's a doll I bet her and Ellie Mae would be good friends. Welocme Home Granny!

What a sweetheart! Give that girl a piece of bread for me.

I can only quote the other comments: Duchess Granny is incredibly cute and sweet-looking!

Wish I could send her a nice piece of Italian bread (there are lots of excellent bakeries here in Piedmont)...:-)

Please give her a biiiig hug for me.

She's just beautiful! Her sweet personality shows in her face for all to see!

Oh my, that's a first. Atta girl, you go for those carbs...

Well...I like a woman that speaks her own mind and when Ms. Duchess Granny wants her bread...she wants it now!

Welcome to the "bread" fold Granny!

Good to see Mr. Caterpillar is still alive and kicking!

Don't you mean "is that what's left of Mr Caterpillar?" lol

Go Granny Go!

Duchess is SO cute! Really, quite the sweetest looking dog. Glad to hear she's settling in - quirks and all!

Is that Mr. Caterpillar in the background? :)

Ah, animals! You see, we keep anticipating their reactions as though they were human, and we humans are so --- limited. Whereas they are so amazingly accepting and adaptable. So good for you, Duchess Granny. May your days be full of bread.

it is wonderful that Granny (Duchess)is adjusting so well - and it is even more fantastic that she will live out her days in a happy home with people and dogs who love her. thank you for taking her in.
and how funny about the bread obsession!! i suppose the nose does triple duty when the eyes and ears don't cute.

Go "Granny" go...she is precious.

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