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March 31, 2008


Just to chime in on this - even though mares aren't "spayed", most male horses are gelded (neutered) thus preventing unplanned babies. Just a different approach in the horse world!

PS - Don't worry Bo, she'll come back to you

What beautiful horses!I love your stories about the animals! We understand, we have 3 mares of our own feeling the love bug & one visiting mare for training feeling it also, we have 2 geldings near them & they are so happy to get all this attention, normally they just get bitten & kicked at by all those girls!

I think Miss G is a little hussy !!!!!! :)

Spaying a mare is a hugely invasive, highly risky , and very expensive operation, especially when compared with gelding a male. It's a no-brainer in terms of risk not to spay a mare. It is done on occasion, but usually not for "neutering" purposes. Highly valuable brood mares are sometimes operated on. The recovery on a horse after large surgery is very complicated and fraught with risk.

Awwwhhh.....sweet love!
Great writing Steve and we loved the pictures too.
I hope spring arrives soon so everyone can enjoy some warm(ish) outdoor rolling. You included. : )

I am not a horse person either, but maybe keeping the females intact helps with inter-horse relations?

That is the cutest post today - I love how you describe the horse flirting ritual! I agree with Andrew - I'm sure that if you ever decide to write a book it would be a best seller. You are very talented at describing the antics that occur at RDR!!! Thanks so much for my smile of the day! Patty

Love makes the world go round!!!

I agree with Shannon, why not just spey the female? I would add that considering the difficulty of some of the operations I've read about the animals undergoing at the Ranch that this would be neither unaffordable or too complicated.

what a hilarious post - you are such a talented writer! someday I hope we'll see a rolling dog ranch book filled with all of these stories; Im sure it would be a bestseller!

Precious, just precious. :)

I'm not a horse person and I'm very curios, why not spay the female and avoid this whole problem? I know its bigger surgery than neurtering an animal in smaller animals (I'm much more familar with dogs and cats). Is that why your mares remain intact while your stallions have been gelded? Thanks Shannon

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