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March 06, 2008


I have a blind wire fox terrier who just recently also went deaf. She is 11 and your heartwarming story gives me hope that she will continue to live a full and happy life. I'm sure Duchess is happy to have you in her life and vice versa!

You guys are truly wonderful; I think it's fantastic what you are doing for animals! I wish I lived in Montana and could come work for you! We do visit Montana though, every couple years, and hope we can visit soon. Keep up the awesome work!!

Dutchess is so beautiful. Please continue the good work for those dogs that have no one, don't ever give up what you are doing.

thanks again for all the animals you are taking care of.


It's absolutely wonderful that the two of you to take in Duchess! My husband and I have 8, yes 8 children and 4 dogs & 2 cats. We took in a Chihuahua right before Christmas because someone my daughter knows was going to take this 2 month old and 2 lb. dog to an LA shelter. We couldn't let that happen. He was too small and we new he'd just get sick. He is wonderful! He makes us all happy with his silly ways. I can see why you do what you do for animals. It touchs my heart every time I read your blog. I told my husband if we keep bringing home more animals we're going to have to buy a ranch and call it The Rolling Dog Ranch 2!

Miss Duchess might be old,deaf and blind but she is an angel that deserves a life full of happiness and comfort which you so wonderfully provide and I am more than willing to provide funding required for such a life. that is the only way I can thank you for doing what so many of us want to do but are not set up to do so. Thank you

Awww, how could you (anyone) resist such a face?

What a great family addition Duchess will be!
A big thank you to Mina (and vet staff) for not putting her down.
Her desire for a simple, loving life radiates through her eyes; and after 14 years, she's finally where she's always wanted to be. Enjoy her!

As others have said before me, do not think for one moment that you need your heads examined. Duchess was in desperate need of help, and RDR was her last chance.

She looks like such a sweetie, but, as with most JRs, I detect a liitle bit of mischief in her eyes!

I had to laugh when I saw the heading "Old and blind and Deaf, but Full of life" and then saw a photo of Steve there. :) Perhaps you feel a little bit that way after the sad winter. I'm betting Duchess will be a great source of cheer.

You look SO SO happy. I am so glad you are in a happy home with lots of attention. Being touched and loved is the most important medicine you can have. Love your face.

We adopted a blind 14-year-old dog several years ago, found starved and wandering the streets in Los Angeles. They could not find a home for her and were going to put her down when I heard about it and stepped up to the plate.

We adopted her out of pity, but you know what, she was the nicest dog and it turned out we were the ones who got the most out of the adoption. She was the gentlest soul you could imagine. All she wanted was someone to love her.

One thing she did have was a fantastic nose. She knew exactly where a horse had crossed the trail, or a neighbour had come over to pick pomegranates.

She only lived ten months with us before passing on to a better world, but I've never regretted giving her a second chance. She was just a sweetheart.

Elderly pets deserve to live out their lives in peace and comfort. Nothing crazy about that.

If there's any silver lining to the losses you've experienced recently, it's that you can help even more animals like Duchess who have no other options.

She looks like a real sweetheart and I'll bet she still has some terrier mischief in her. She'll brighten up the place. Dogs come with built-in heartbreak for us because their lives are short, but even if they are with us for only a few months, it's always worth it. I'm sure the change from a lonely garage to a comfortable and sociable home will rejuvenate her, as it seems to have started doing already. Thank you for giving her another chance.

Welcome Duchess!! What a darling little dog! It was the right thing to do to take her in...she deserves the good life now. It's just the circle of husband and I have always found comfort taking in a stray/rescue animal at anytime, but especially around the loss of one of our pets...we feel it's a great tribute to our lost furry friends that we continue to help other little animals that need a home. You guys are the best...Duchess looks like such a sweetheart. Hugs to all of you!

Congratulations Duchess on finally finding love. You're sunset months or years will be filled with the care and devotion you have waited for and deserve. Have fun sweet thing!

Welcome home, Miss Duchess. It's good to meet you.

This is the sunshine on the other side of the shadow of losing them! The only comfort in losing them is that a home is opened for another. I understand completely the willingness to be heartbroken.

Thank you so much for what you do and do not get burned out!!


What a love, and what a lucky little lady!

Duchess is beautiful and I'm so glad you were able to take her. Thank you, Steve and Alayne!!And hooray to Mina for not giving up. I have a feeling Duchess will be with you longer than you think, and I'm so happy that at last, she will be able to experience some joy in her life.

A quote I thought was perfect for what you do with the love you have for animals:
"It came to me that every time I lose a dog, they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are."
-Cheryl Zuccaro
Oscar knew Ms. Duchess needed you so he made room for her. That is so beautiful.

She looks like a sweetie! You definitely don't need your heads examined, this is why you do what you do. No matter how much longer she has, it'll be worth every minute. Can't wait to hear more about Duchess as she enjoys her new life on the ranch!

Duchess is just what Rolling Dog needs! She is a cutie pie! So glad she made to Rolling Dog!

This sweet JR was just old, nothing wrong with her, except her "owner" was "disabled" by ignorance and uncaring. By now RDR has shown everyone that deaf and blind certainly isn't particularly disabled and neither is being neurological.

I've said it many times, I'd rather have had the companionship of my creatures and grieve at their loss than never to have known them or loved them.

I happen to have a real fondness for JRs--they're such little pissahs (as they say here in the Boston area).

God Bless you and Alanye for taking on another critter!! Duchess was just looking for love in all the wrong places until she found you. I was suppose to foster my papillion until my vet found a home for her, she was brought in to be put down from a "breeder" because her ears would not stand up. My vet called and asked if I could help out for a few weeks, after 2 days and lots of kissy kissy, I told my husband I could not give her up, he responce was'what's one more". Princess Poopsalot is loved by everyone.

As every adopted friend gives you their ALL in the time they can spend with you, I've never understood that predjudice against older animals... A Yorkie we took in for the last three months of his life gave us his whole 16+ years of love and admiration and friendship and so much more... The whole 5840 days "worth" of love given freely in just 90 days, nobody can better that!!
Cheers for miss Duchess!!

People who think your heads need examining should take a good, long look at the mirror. Hello Duchess!

My heart just melts looking at Duchess: she looks so sweet, just adorable!

My heart is also rejoicing at the thought of her spending the last months/years of her life in the loving atmosphere of RDR, with plenty of food, treats, cuddles...

God bless you all.

Congrats Dutchess on your arrival to the Heaven on Earth RDR! Sweetie, you have arrived! I'm so happy for you & I know that you will love it there. Thanks Steve & Alayne for all that you do.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

love the duchesses

Hi guys
The only one needing their head examined in this story, is the owner who wanted Duchess put down because she sleeps all day! What does he expect her to do in a garage? (I hope no one throws him out because he's old.) By the way, here in SA, a Jack Russell reaching their 20s is not a rarity (I know of one who reached 24) - so there may be a few years left in the old lady yet! You never know. Good for you.

You guys are angels. The animals thank you for all your hard work and love.

Im so glad that after living in a garage for years, Duchess will spend her remaining years roaming the beautiful acres full of Montana smells! Congrats on your new home!

May we all be so lucky as to have our finally home be as loving as the Rolling Dog Ranch.

Good for you. I understand the theraputic feeling of helping another when you lose one so close. It can help heal the hurt a little.

Am so glad for Duchess, she looks like she has plenty to give, bless her and you.

Kae Norman
Rescued With Love.

Welcome, Miss Duchess to your forever home. Steve will keep the treats coming and I see a lot of TLC in your future. No more garages for you. You look happy already.
P.S, You two aren't crazy, you've just got a lot of loving to give.

This is exactly why you and Alayne started the RDR! It’s the last stop for most of these RDR residents. You’re not crazy but fortunate to make such a difference in these creatures’ lives. To know that Miss Duchess will know deep love and safety in her last years is a God send. We’re so honored to support RDR—YOU TRULY MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!! God bless you both!

That face belongs at RDR. I've adopted several old, used, 'unadoptable' dogs. I've been blessed with many years of love and am always amazed at how they blossom with love, attention and yes... food.

good on ya.....

Miss Duchess is so cute and I am soooo glad the vet did not put her down. Being blind and deaf doesn't mean life is over. Now she will truly get love and care here at the ranch...unlike her previous life in the garage. Welcome Duchess...the people here at the ranch have hearts of gold!

Welcome to your forever home, Miss Duchess! What a cutie you are :)

Wow. Little Miss Duchess is a charmer. We are so glad you "brought" her home. No more garage confinement for this old girl. How depressing!!! No wonder she slept most of the time. Yes, you probably need your heads examined BUT for all the right reasons.!!!!!! Yes , it is very possible that she won't be with you for very long, But then again , she just might suprise every one and be at the ranch 4,5,??? years.... Who knows. She looks as though she has taken a "look" at the surroundings and decided "hey, this place is not so bad" (By the way , is that a treat for me?) How right you are little one. Thank you Mina , for getting her to the ranch!!! Steve, you and your lovely wife are amazing !!!! Take care

A few months ago, I pulled an old arthritic english mastiff from our pound, planning to foster her until I could find a good home for her. She was sick and absolutely terrified of everything. Although 8 may sound young, as you well know, for a giant breed, that is a senior. My eyes were truly opened to how narrow-minded so many people are when it comes to seniors! The local mastiff rescue won't take in seniors. I never knew that a rescue would discriminate based on age! Anyway, Miss Fiona found a wonderful forever home and I know that Miss Duchess has found the same. She's right where she belongs :)

Sweet old girl. You've won the geriatric, blind and deaf lottery! You're gonna love this place!

Awwwwww!!! She's a beauty!!!!
Old dogs are like old people. They know what love's worth.

Welcome Miss Duchess! Here's hoping you (and your amazing nose) have some good years yet to enjoy your new home and new friends.

Steve / Alayne, thank you for taking in another hard luck case. She looks like she'll be a fine addition to your family.

She is adorable. It is a fitting tribute to Oscar for you to take her in.

You might have some problems with your heads, but I'd say that your hearts are still working just fine.

I am so glad Duchess got to come to the ranch. She is in a happy home with wonderful caring people for good now.
Thank you for taking her.

She's so adorable! Bless your hearts for giving her a happy home for the rest of her days.

She is so beautiful. I'm so glad you guys found each other.

You are not crazy, you've just figured it out. The love they give while they are here, is worth the pain when they go.

Welcome Miss Duchess!

I for one do NOT think you need your heads examined. I've often adopted elderly cats -- the ones some shelters just know will never be picked -- and, yes, you know from the start that your time with them will be short. But when you know that the time you give them, however long, will be the *best* months or years of their lives, it feels right and you don't count the weeks, months, or years ahead. When the day comes that you lose Miss Duchess - and of course that day will come -- I'm going to remind you of this truth. All the best to you both, and to Miss D.

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