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April 02, 2008


Our family including our chocolate lab kokanee are wishing Creighton the best with his surgery and we can't wait to read the next update on this amazing puppy. We have all taken a special shining on Creighton and it makes us feel so good to know that he is getting great care.

Thoughts and prayers from myself and my "granddog" Friday will be with Creighton all throughout his treatments. He is a real sweetie pie. All the staff at RDR are earning their wings here on earth for all they do for our animal friends.

For the life of me, I can't imagine someone discarding such a sweet boy - what's up with that? He is a great addition to RDR. Hope he's figuring out how to navigate around all the growling doxies.

Thinking good thoughts and sending requests out to the Cosmos for your bouncing baby boy, Creighton, to come through surgery well. Give him some extra kisses from all his well-wishers.

As someone who has glaucoma, i will be praying for Creighton. Thank God for the good people of this world that someone with a great hear found him.

He doesn't care if he has eyeballs or not! And I don't either, he will be beautiful no matter what.


This is a PRECIOUS Puppy! I'm so HAPPY that he has found such a GREAT home and such LOVING people!
Sending my love and prayers for Creighton to have a LONG HAPPY LIFE!

Such a handsome boy!! Glad you took him in,

What a sweetheart! He is full of life and I can't wait to hear his surgery went well and he is free of pain...ready for happy puppy times at the fabulous RDR!

I think people will be lining up to love him up and no mistake! :)

Good luck Creighton, you're on the way to everything good at the RDR! When will we see videos of the New Boys on the Block?

Creighton is too cute and he looks so soft! When he's grown, will he be your biggest dog? I think you should pair him up with my other love, Baron, because he's fearless and not too much older than Creighton. Baron can introduce Creighton to the various adventures and cuddle techniques at the Ranch. My wish for Creighton is that he lives a long, happy and pain-free life with his new family!

My heart just melts looking at such a cutie-pie!:-)

I look forward to hearing that Creighton has passed his surgery with flying colours and is no longer in any pain.

In the meantime, I'll keep him (and you) in my thoughts and prayers.

Just looking at those pictures of cutie-pie Creighton lifts my spirits! He sure has mastered "the face", hasn't he? - and i'm sure no one will be able to resist him, with or without eyeballs in his sockets!
Wishing Creighton a long, happy, bouncy, HEALTHY life!!!

How terribly sad that his previous owner let his eyes go so long without care. Poor baby. NO puppy should have to endure such pain. But we all know thats hes in the right place now and will get the love & care he needs to have a Great life. Welcome, Creighton. You are loved already. I will pray for a successful surgery and a quick and gentle recovery.

Creighton is so incredibly cute. I'm glad he's going to get relief from the pain. He'll be in my thoughts tomorrow.

Another cutie-pie at the ranch! I want to reach in and hug him!

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